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Meeting Reports

June 2017 Meeting:  Jonathan Mann, The Children’s Society Jonathan Mann from the Children'sSociety was the speaker at our June meeting and he spoke very eloquently ut the various aspects of the work the Society does with children of all ages and backgrounds. In 2014/15 the Society's services helped over 34,000 vulnerable children to escape from neglect, abuse and violence, transforming their lives and giving them hope for the future. This is made possible by the funds raised by volunteers in all parts of the country, including Sharnbrook. Last year the Parish of St Peter's raised £825 from the boxes residents have in their homes to take spare small change. Also, £478 was raised from the Ouse Valley Singers' concerts and £237 from the Christingle family service, making a total of £1,540. The Society can also receive grants for special projects from either local or national government. The Children's Society aims to support and listen to as many vulnerable young people as possible, including disabled children, victims of abuse and violence, young carers and refugees, helping them to integrate and live useful and happy lives. Some even find satisfaction by becoming volunteers themselves. To learn more about the work of the Children's Society, see www.childrens May 2017  Meeting:  Jill Bonney We were pleased to welcome Jill Bonney to our May meeting. Jill has had considerable experience working in the Banking sector and she now works in Fraud Management. She made us aware of some of the many ways in which fraudsters can try to con us into handing over our money, including by phone, online or by approaching us on our own doorsteps. The banks and building societies work hard to try to keep us safe but it is also up to us to take all the precautions we can, to be suspicious of any unusual phone calls or emails and not to be taken in by anyone we do not know. It is impossible to stop all fraud but we can help ourselves by always being alert to the devious ways the fraudsters will use to relieve us of our hard earned cash, and we were grateful for Jill's warnings. Unfortunately, in this day and age, it pays to develop a suspicious mind and, if in any doubt, have nothing to do with the caller or email, or at least check their legitimacy. In other words don’t let them catch you out.   Contacting the Mothers' Union The Ouse Valley Deanery Group of the Mothers' Union extends a warm welcome to members and non- members alike. If you would like information about joining the group or future meetings, please contact Hazel Scott on 01234 781 559 or Jackie Biggs on 01234 782 517.
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