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Meeting Reports:

May 2018    Meeting:   Good Neighbours Scheme

We were delighted to welcome Anthony Winton OBE who is the coordinator of the Sharnbrook Good Neighbours Scheme. For those of you who may not know about the help available, there are at present 38 volunteers. These will provide all kinds of assistance such as lifts to the surgery or hospital, or for appointments to opticians and dentists when we can no longer drive, also practical assistance with all kinds of jobs which are often too small to interest a tradesman. I have personal experience of this, having had a washing pole repaired and excellent advice about a flat roof. If the job cannot be done by a volunteer, there is also a scheme called Village Agents which is based in Harrold and employed by the Bedfordshire Rural Communities charity. The service is free of charge and will put you in touch with someone who can help you with things like security, pensions and filling in difficult forms, etc. The website is and the phone number is 0800 039 1234. These are excellent schemes and the volunteers who give their time so generously are indeed `good neighbours’. All they ask is a small contribution for car journeys, and this money is used for donations to Christian Aid. If you would like to become a volunteer please ring Anthony on 782376 - I'm sure he will be pleased to hear from you.

March 2018   Meeting:  Our Mothers.

As this month's meeting was only four days away from Mothering Sunday it was decided that we should spend some time talking about our own mothers. Several members brought photographs and spoke of their fond memories of their mothers. Members also read poetry-, some in praise of mothers and some full of the occasional wry humour of a mother / teenage daughter relationship. While we had our tea and cake, we discussed speakers for the future and members suggested several interesting people we might ask to speak. Contacting the Mothers' Union The Ouse Valley Deanery Group of the Mothers' Union extends a warm welcome to members and non- members alike. If you would like information about joining the group or future meetings, please contact Hazel Scott on 01234 781 559 or Jackie Biggs on 01234 782 517.
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